Normal vs. Natural

There is something about nature that connects us to our own naturalness. We live in society where many people just want to feel normal. The concept being that normal is correct, right, or represents balance. Normal is what the majority of people, especially kids, want to feel their life is. “I just want to be normal” is such a common thought, feeling or aspiration. What I came to learn is that there really is no normal. Normal is a concept of an ideal way of living and being seen by others. Our truest ability to have an ideal life is to be natural. Natural to our true nature, natural to what feels peaceful and joyful. Natural to the mechanics of how our body functions in a way that honors our bodies, minds, and feeds our soul and spirit. Natural to who we really are. I don’t think I am normal according to societies description of what that means but I do know I’m natural to who I really am. I connect with nature to connect with my most natural self and have balance and happiness in my life.

What part(s) of nature do you love experiencing?

Will you give yourself permission to enjoy that today?

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