Elevate Your Perspective

I took this picture flying from Oregon to Phoenix. I appreciate elevated views and perspectives. I love and am grateful for the beauty and simple complexity of the world we live in. We’ve all had  moments when something changes  or shifts and we feel unraveled, unsure, insecure about something. In that moment usually nothing really changed except for perspective. Either we remembered something from the past, or became hopeful or fearful for something in the future. In that moment what changed our entire experience was perspective, an idea of something. Elevated perspective is when we are objectively in the moment seeing the honest truth about what is. Elevated perspective is when we are looking at something instead of being in it. Elevated perspective is a feeling of neutrality. So many people seek to feel a happy or excited emotion which is wonderful but even the positive emotions have a charge to them that can only be maintained for so long. Neutrality is sustainable, joy from gratitude is sustainable, awe from the awesomeness of life and love is sustainable.

What state(s) of being fills your tanks and sustains you?

What percentage of time are you spending in the moment?


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