Getting Thanks/giving

Thanksgiving is a time that we all are reminded and remember to give thanks.

When we roast our turkeys, the juices flow out (giving). Most of us don’t turn our turkeys upside-down in the oven because of their size but we do everything from covering them to constantly basting them so they will retain what makes them so succulent and great, their juices. The turkey who’s juice flows out (giving) must be able to recieve it back in, baste in it, (receive) for it to be satisfying and delicious.

Giving thanks is similar, if all the juices only flowed in one direction, outward,  it would be  dry and not very good or fulfilling when it’s done.

After getting divorced, the holidays became a whole different experience. Any major change in life brings the realization of what is gone, what is here now, and how different it feels. As I am invited to Thanksgiving dinners by people in my life who love me and are thankful for me (and I for them). I realize that it is a choice to open to receive love, gifts, food, fun and kind words. I’m talking about really receiving, basting in it, being drenched in love and joy. The giver only gets to give if the receiver is open and willing to receive. If I turn down invitations for people who reach out to me because I am resisting change in my life then no one gets to give to me. What am I taking from them by not being open to receive? What I am I taking from myself by not being open to receive? How good does it feel to give something from your heart?

By being open to receive,  we lead by example for people who feel they are not deserving or worthy, encouraging them to open doors for themselves and receive acts of kindness; food, love  or support in any way so that instead of feeling like a charity case who people feel sorry for they feel loved, worthy, deserving and allow themselves to be connected to a new way or a new life openly and gratefully.

What will you be open to receive today that someone is generously offering to give you from their heart?

How many people will you receive from today so that they can experience the joy of giving?

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