In our world where so many are striving for perfection, the advice mainly given is to not to try to be so perfect. To accept the imperfections of life and that is just the way life is. Perfection is seen as an impossibility,  however, the truth is our strive for perfection is a deep genuine desire to recognize our most authentic self. To align with the divinity with ourselves and carry out our days operating from that divine perfection that we know we are.

In any moment that a person doesn’t feel that they are perfect enough or doing enough,  or that they are doing too much or are too much, it is because they “feel” disconnected from their own natural innate divinity.

There is no way to actually disconnect from our divinity because that is our life force energy, the very fact that we are breathing is our confirmation and validation that we are connected to the immeasurable, everlasting eternal self.

[Using breath (life force energy) by moving it throughout our body with inhales and exhales wakes up, energizes, and feeds our organs, cells, DNA, and overall health and well-being.]

Perfectionists are people who have a hunger to be congruent with their authentic self and purpose, their joy,  peace, and highest view of self-measure. Perfectionists are truthful people who aspire to inspire. Perfectionists are actively moving towards their dreams and are open to growth, expansion, learning, and love.

When we allow ourselves to be who we authentically are we start to understand why we hunger for certain things, even when we see others may not have the same hunger. When we embrace our desires and hunger and understand they are guiding us on our path perfectly, we notice and appreciate the basic goodness of all things. We notice the third option beyond the two that we were used to choosing from.

The reality of duality presents two options at all times. The reality of greater awareness presents a third option in any situation. Perhaps acceptance or neutrality, perhaps a shift of focus to some thought or area that has nothing to do with the original two options. The next time you find you are making a choice and you are feeling like you would like a third option know it is always available to you.






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