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Wendy Falcon, formerly a Wall Street stock broker, real estate broker and professional investor. Her most cherished role is that of mother to her two beautiful daughters.

One day during a time in her life when her future looked scary and uncertain she had an energy healing session with a healer in Rome, Italy. Right after the session, she felt noticeably different. She became so utterly compelled to write that she started writing on her computer and did not stop. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, and days turned into her waking up in the middle of the night to write, having to pull her car over or leave an exercise class to capture on paper the inspired thoughts that were coming to her. She described it as a volcano erupting. Every time she completed a new writing she would call her mother to read what she just wrote. Each time she asked herself, “Who is writing this?” After one week of what seemed like non-stop writing she called the healer in Rome and said, “What did you do to me?” he replied, “Wendy, you are fine, a healing block was removed and the real you had was uncovered.” Wendy snapped back, “The real me!? She is an unstoppable writer!?…

About three weeks later, Wendy’s mom, having read all that Wendy wrote said to her, “This is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. You can’t stuff this in a drawer, you have to publish it and share it with the world.”

Wendy did just that, after about three weeks of writing she published her first book, Turn Your Life Insight Out. As the finishing touches of her first book were being completed she realized that what she had written were the answers to many questions about her life that she had asked over and over when times seemed difficult. She discovered this is one of the ways that Spirit answers her…in rhyming light-hearted couplets. Wendy happily continues to write and speak to share her revelations and breakthroughs.

Wendy has been in investments since 1992. She has always helped people with their larger investments in equities and real estate. When her marriage started breaking up and she felt like she was loosing control of her personal life, she began looking at her own successes and failures. She became determined to understand what causes each so she could regain the power to have the happy life she truly desired. She started using the knowledge and unexpected writing flow to tap into that indestructible part of herself, her unlimited energy source from within. Writing connected her directly to that source. Now, Wendy shares her process and helps others with their single biggest investment…themselves.

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