Ignore: refuse to acknowledge, fail to consider. ance: action, state or condition

Ignorance is the refusal to acknowledge a state or condition or the failure to consider a state or action. In these times more and more truths are being revealed about what peoples thoughts and perspectives are. Things that not too long ago were swept under the rug, ignored or denied are now out in the open demanding attention and evolution.

Many people operate from the perspective of a dualistic world such as good and evil. In the light of recent events, the time is upon us to open up to third, fourth, and fifth options. Options that transcend good and bad, right and wrong, black and white. Options that create solutions that are greater than that of a dualistic mentality. Options that make us think about a world that is completely safe, supportive, trustworthy and a joy to live and thrive in.

In the perspective of an inherent basic goodness that exists as a fundamental baseline of life itself. A third option for something beyond good or bad is the perspective that each of us is an energetic being who has chosen to experience life in such a way that supports our growth and expansion. Experiences, by their nature, are neither good nor bad, they are just the event that a person’s energetic being has chosen for the opportunity to expand on a spiritual level. This perspective embodies the concept that we choose our relatives as well as our joyful and painful experiences. That we are veiled in a certain amount of forgetting when born and we are given clues along the way of our journey to remember who we really are. In this perspective, this is the growth process of a life of our own choosing. Remembering who we really are.  Re-membering with source creation. Which can be done here on earth or after death. Remembering we are here on purpose.

We have free will, however, if a person is ignorant to that fact they have free will they may misunderstand themselves to be victims of events and circumstances rather than the creator and experiencer of them. When a person re-members they gain a higher consciousness of how to think and engage with life so they can intentionally create the life they desire. They can connect to the field of intention and through intention experience life.

When someone uses their free will to only allow themselves two options like, right and wrong, they choose a world of duality and finality instead of a world with unlimited solutions and life flow. Obtaining greater options or solutions for any life situation is accessed through higher consciousness.  It’s not that a dualistic world is bad or wrong, it’s just that it is very limited. Look around the world there are never just two ways to do something, go somewhere, get something, the options are plentiful. If one is willing to be that honest and insightful they see this is fundamentally true. In the case of right and wrong, a third option would be seeing that there are very beneficial things in what we call wrong and there are aspects of what we call right that can be elevated and improved upon. Being willing to look for a higher ground in perspective moves one to higher consciousness, which opens even more,  options beyond the third.

The term black and white represents doing something either one way or another. However, we don’t actually live in a black and white world. The third option here is color. If we look around, reality shows us that nondualistic third options are a more honest and accurate depiction of the actual world we live in.  Once we notice that color is the truth, third options (colorful world) is always surrounding us, then we begin to expand into a greater reality. Access to the multitude of color choices, which reflects the choices that become available beyond the third options.

What kind of choices in life would you like to have access to? If you could choose anything what would it be? What kind of world do you want to live in?  What would your world be like if you choose to believe and think about the world you would ideally love to live in? What would happen if each individual gave their time and attention to such thinking and then took practical daily action steps aligned with this new way of thinking?

This post is an example of perspectives and choices beyond the dualistic world that many people experience or have been told they live in. If you believe that thoughts create things, that you have free will, and that ultimately anything is possible. Then you have the choice to adopt any perspective written here or elsewhere and make it your reality or not. This is the beauty and gift of free will.


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