When we wish to manifest something in our lives we are actually just choosing to open ourselves up to something that already exists, by raising our consciousness we grow, expand and increase our ability to manifest with greater ease. When we manifest something new in our life we realize that it was already created, it was always there all along and we gained access to it by deciding to and raising our vibration up to meet it where it already exists. Manifesting begins with seeing a clear picture of what we want in our mind's eye, it then requires raising our vibrational frequency to experience it in the place it already exists.

Many of us notice quiet or open space in our lives and mistake it for nothing, so we may fill it with a myriad of things that may or may not be aligned with what we truly want to experience or achieve. If we re-mind ourselves that everything comes from that empty space, we can give ourselves permission to act on sparks of inspirational ideas and be creatively committed to clarity and focus on our dreams and purpose.

Manifesting starts with thoughts and vibrations and carries through with actions. If we believe that we have nothing, nothing will manifest. If we believe we have an open canvas to paint with and manifest with, and we look beyond what our current sensory perceptions reflect is right here, right now we can bring into manifestation what we desire. Life force energy moves through us on a daily, moment to moment basis, what we have control over is what we give our attention. Whatever we give our attention to is how we point our powerful life force energy towards increasing and manifesting.

Attention is the key ingredient for manifesting. What is your attention on now, what has it been on lately? It is worth your time to bring it to what your heart desires instead of what is in your immediate surroundings. Is your attention and thoughts on things that undermine or support the manifestations of your dreams?