The Living Healed Guide to Growth

When I say "Growth", I mean our Soul's evolution. I'm not talking about making specific character refinements to improve our personalities. I'm speaking about opening to shifts in our awareness and perspectives, giving us knowledge about ourselves so that character refinements happen naturally. They are an extension of us truly understanding who we are. When we say 'Yes' to knowing our Self (Self with a capital 'S'), growth happens exponentially and all the people in our lives reap the benefits.




Growth is when you take the things
you’ve had all along and give them wings.
Like giving a seed, soil, water, and sun
creating a flower from where there was none.
It’s not taking something and making it better;
it’s complete transformation, yarn becomes a sweater.
Caterpillars cocoon to nearly die
to live at their highest vibration as a butterfly.
Changing something simple to a more complex form
unfolding and ironing of wrinkles that by the object are worn.
Before a flowers grows it knows the dark and the blight;
once it passes soil’s edge, it sees, feels, and lives the light.”

Excerpt From: Wendy FaLcon. “Turn Your Life Insight Out.” iBooks.