Living Healed Relationships

Relationships are so important. How we relate with everyone and everything creates our life experience! When we unhook from unhealthy patterned responses and genuinely connect with the people we love, that is when the magic happens.




For the first time we could both hear and see
that you can only change you and I can only change me.
In every disagreement we were BOTH so wrong,
fighting hard to change the other by standing our ground,
being strong.
But the one conversation that came from a different angle
where we saw our own emotional nots to untangle.
The realization that I had continuously accused you
of the things I was doing but could not see from my view.
And knowing all the times that you accused me
of the things you were doing wrong and angrily.
But none of that matters anymore;
this moment of reveal ended the cold war.
Once we knew it was all just habit and fear
that made accusations that were harsh or severe.
Once we saw each other’s point of view,
the truth about ourselves we finally knew.
Once we looked in instead of looking out
we each became the change we wanted to see,
we turned our in-sight out.”

Excerpt From: Wendy Falcon. “Turn Your Life Insight Out.” iBooks.