The Power of Writing

When we think of an inspired idea, a dream, or a heart's desire we use the right side of our brain to imagine it (right hemisphere controls creativity, spatial ability, artistic, and musical skills). We can dream all day long about whatever we like but by only using the right side of our brain we are only using 50% of our ability to initiate actualizing something in our lives . When we write that inspired idea we are then using the left side of our brain (left hemisphere controls speech, comprehension, arithmetic, and writing). By creatively thinking (using right side) and then writing our idea (using the left side) we are choosing to use 100% of our ability to initiate actualizing what we are thinking and writing about. 


  • Write a loving note to your beloved  
  • Write a loving note to yourself
  • If you would like to actualize a relationship write the vision of the relationship you desire


  1. To actualize what you desire, only write what you desire, your vision, your heart's wishes.
  2. To actualize it in your present life, only write in present tense. ( I embody, I deserve, I choose, I have, I love, I am, I hear, I receive, I experience...)  
  3. How to use what you don't want to get clarity about what you genuinely desire....write the exact opposite of what you don't want. 

Ex: I don't want a man/woman who doesn't hear me when I talk.

      My beloved loves to hear me speak and also loves to hear me sing, we communicate clearly, I always feel heard, listened to loved and respected.

Ex: I want a relationship that I don't feel trapped in or I can't be myself in.

      I feel and am so comfortable in my own skin, I feel sexy and beautiful and my beloved always says and does things that I had prayed for in relationship and now they are my everyday life. I am so blessed. We are our best selves and we have so much freedom and unity in our relationship.

I could write books on how writing is a gift of God and can transform your life simply. I'm using examples of Writing to call in a new partner or level up a current relationship because its Valentines day but this can be used in every and any area of your life.

Remember, when you call someone new into your life or you go to the next level in a current relationship ask yourself this question, who are you going to be when this new person or new version of the person you know shows up?

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P.P.S. Do the writing prompt and notice what happens!