About Wendy

My name is Wendy Falcon and I’ve spent a large part of my career helping people with their investments. I was a stock broker on Wall street for many years and from there I segued into real estate. I've since started to help people with their largest investment; themselves.

The idea that I would be a writer, author or writing coach is the last thing I would have imagined. I wasn't an avid reader, I had dyslexia and felt disconnected in school and I did not attend college. Yet, after I had a healing session with a man in Rome, Italy I found myself in a state of focused writing for about three weeks. I recognized that I had written a book and within another three weeks it was published.

I had that session and started to write when I was going through some challenging times in my life. These challenges helped me to unearth the pain that was beneath the surface and move through it to connect to my deeper Self.  My inner voice which had been quiet up until that point became clear and recognizable.  I found myself connecting to a sense of knowing I'd never experienced. Through this crystalline clarity I was able to express my self with an ease I hadn't known before.

At that time, I felt so affirmed that I was compelled to stop what I was doing and write the words and concepts that came to me so powerfully.  It's become my passion to help my clients come to know this place within themselves so they can birth their messages out into the world. 

I am currently the author of two published books, Turn Your Life Insight Out and Shoe Town, A Town with Heart and Sole (Children’s book). My next book, Turn Your life Outside In, is coming out soon. I help people access the place within themselves where effortless writing and creative ideas originate and give the support needed to complete the book they have in them. I feel that people don’t write books, but that books write themselves through people. And if that's the case, you may recognize that the book you are meant to write is ready and waiting for you.

Become an author to gain authority and be the person others respect and look to for information, guidance and advice.