About Wendy

Leadership Coach, Life & Business Strategist, Inspirational Speaker.

Investing in yourself...

There is a place inside of you that holds the answers to your deepest questions. The path to that place can be made very obvious and laid out clearly. Using inspired insights and intuitive understanding Wendy helps you access and arrive at your innermost truths to realize your greatest potential and experience healing and clarity so that you engage in your purpose.

Wendy’s perceptions flow from two seemingly disparate places: her involvement in the world of business and a cathartic healing experience that inspired in her a newfound form of written expression.  Transformed by her experiences and gifted with a new way of being, her greatest desire is to help others to experience the peace, love and connectedness that she received and which is every person’s birthright.

Wendy’s goal and vision for each individual and corporate consciousness is that they be enabled to seed the world with ideas that sustain life and joy for the continuation and betterment of our wonderful world.

Formerly a stock broker and real estate broker, Wendy now helps people with their single largest investment, themselves. She had a radio show called, Insight Out, and now hosting a virtual event called "Living Healed: Being beyond your story, happy and free to live the life you want!" She is the author of, Turn Your Life Insight out. Wendy currently lives in Arizona with her two beautiful daughters and shares her vision and inspired story.