NDE Interviews

In support of Near Death Experiencers worldwide, I am supporting IANS conference by providing interviews that are a part of our Living Healed Summit. 

Enjoy these full interviews with Reverend Bill McDonald, Dr. Ingrid Honkala, Reverend Peter Panagore and Jeffrey Olsen. 

IANDS will hosting their 2020 LIVE ONLINE CONFERENCE 

August 14 – 16!  This year’s theme  is Unlocking the Healing Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences!  
Keynote Speakers will be Anita Moorjani, Dr. Mary Neal, Rev. Howard Storm and Suzanne Giesemann. 
There Are An Abundance of Choices for You!
  • Personal Accounts of Inspirational NDEs
  • Up-to-date Reports by Expert Researchers
  • Healing Help for Grief, Anxiety, & Fear of Death 
  • A Live participatory Experiencers’ Sharing Lounge 
  • Four Zoom Rooms with simultaneous programming!
Join IANDS for their opening program, plus 2-day information packed Online Conference including 90 Days VOD Video On Demand Access after the conference!
For more information about all IANDS inspiring speakers available on the conference, please visit, virtualconference.IANDS.org. Register today!  
If you have any questions or would like to see other interviews from the Living Healed Summit contact us at:  info@wendyfalcon.com  


If you love to manifest in your life, you will love this interview! We took it to a new level, we got into how to MATERIALIZE happiness, love, tenderness, spirituality and compassion. 

  • How telling the truth opens locked doors
  • Visualizing loving your enemy
  • When to wait and when to take action

Rev Bill’s Stories are known worldwide, they made a documentary about his life that I believe everyone should watch (https://revbillmcdonald.com). This is the first interview where he is stepping out of his normal role of sharing his inspiring stories, and instead he is sharing How he’s achieved the incredible life that he has.


In this interview we discuss how Ingrid’s Near Death Experience by almost drowning led her to become a marine biologist and so we dove deep into…

  • Being beyond the Night of the dark soul
  • Any amount of suffering can be overcome
  • Being spiritual in a scientific world.

SHE shares so vulnerably and openly that it is truly inspiring! Her book, A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom, can be found at: www.ingridhonkala.com


If you want to know the experience of Love, Joy, beauty, truth, compassion, understanding, knowledge, bliss, adoration, awe and paradise WATCH this Interview! (I’m not even kidding)

  • Hearing the voice of Love and Forgiveness
  • How it’s not your fault
  • Knowing Oneness 

AND he's written an amazing book, Heaven Is Beautiful: His Book, How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning, can be found atwww.peterpanagore.love


In this interview Jeffrey recalls the car accident that took his wife and youngest son, AND how he found genuine JOY after his tragic loss. He also shares about the friendship with Jeff O’Driscoll and how they work together to help others who have experienced tragedy find JOY.

We touched on realizations about…

  • How Life’s not a test it’s a Gift
  • Being at choice to let go
  • Where Divinity Is

In this interview I was reminded of what strength is, Jeffrey’s vulnerability is refreshing and heartfelt. His website is: www.envoypublishing.com


I sincerely hope you enjoyed these interviews. 


Much Love,