Turn Your Life Inside Out 

"When I first opened your book I landed on the page of forgiveness; what an eye-opener for me. I can't wait to tell you all about my experience and how your book has turned my life around for the better in just a few days."

-Alissa, AZ

"Reading that first Articulation is like seeing a movie, leaving the theater, and thinking to yourself, it was good, and then as the day moves on find yourself thinking about it and talking about it and finally you come to realize, “Wow, that really was great, I loved it!”  

—Joey, NYPD officer 

“Wow, this book is very channeled! I’ve been opening to random pages and translating the messages in different languages to my family and clients, It is fantastic!”

—Matt, Intuitive healer, Italy

“This book actually feels good in your hands and makes you feel good.” 

—Diane, Mother, Grandmother, NY 

“Wow, I opened up to exactly what is relevant in my life right now”

—Cheryl, NY

“I was feeling upset, I opened the book and it expressed exactly what was on my mind and what I needed to hear.”

—Billy, NYC Firefighter

”I am thoroughly enjoying the Articulations! I can feel the flow, it’s beautiful.”

—Alison, NY

“ I opened up to Negative/Positive and I completely got it, the scientific part I learned in school. It’s literal and metaphorical at the same time. I so understand it and it relates exactly to what I am going through. It really helped me!”

—Emma (16 years old), NY 

  “I love it’s transparency, it’s so smart”

—Nevine, NY

 “This book is amazing! It is a go-to must-have!”

—Tina, NY

"My family opened this book 3 times randomly and landed each time with accuracy on the correct page for the recipient….pretty remarkable!”

—Keely, NY

“OMG. I am reading your book. It is awesome. I find when I read it out loud I can't stop crying. I'm getting so much out of it it is incredible and unbelievable. Just saying this makes me emotional just talking about it. Thank you so much I love you”

—Cheryl, AZ

“I love the gold on the outside, but more importantly there’s gold on the inside”

—Jane, Israel 

“This book addresses the many areas of life that actually matter to everyone. The author in her first formal book talk emphasizes how effortless it was to write, but don’t be fooled readers, this book is not just “a book” it is inspiration, just packaged very well.”

—Trish, NY