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Meet wendy

Wendy is a heart-felt dynamic coach and instructor, as well as author, business owner, partner and mom with a generous amount of time to spend with family, friends, passions, writing, meditation and yoga. Wendy lives in Arizona with deep gratitude in her heart and love for her life!

It’s Wendy’s mission to give authors and entrepreneurs the specific writing support along with breath work and meditation classes for the clarity and energy needed to actualize their divine purpose. Whether they are writing their book, expanding their business or developing deeper connections, they become present and take inspired action on what really matters.

She’s experienced her own journey from massive challenges to simple solutions. There was a time when she lost millions, became divorced and was facing re-imagining every aspect of her life.

She knew that it was time to let go of the image of who she understood herself to be up until then, make shifts from ‘doing’ into ‘being’, discover her depths, and what she is capable of. She used a writing process that gave her the confidence and clarity to take inspired action on her greatest dreams and that became the catalyst for the magical and synchronistic events that opened doors for Wendyland Inc. to become a successful company providing author’s and visionaries fresh perspectives and opportunity to live happier lives than they ever imagined possible while getting their message out and having it connect and land.

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